Memphis Bar-B-Krewe

Memphis Bar-B-Krewe
Memphis Bar-B-Krewe
Item# MBBK-01

Product Description


The three-inch stainless steel meat thermometer ripped through his neck, severing the right carotid artery; hickory smoke and life slipped through frantic fingers—he bled out before the needle reached medium-rare.

When an off-duty police officer, working as security for the World Championship BBQ contest turns up dead inside Holy Smokers Too BBQ team's smoker, Billy Bob Billy, a ne’er-do-well freelance reporter and BBQ competitor stands accused of murder and drug smuggling. He must fight the police union’s Blue Wall and Memphis’ secret societies to discover the real killer before he is put on trial and his lucrative Food Network contract is cancelled. A police officer is stabbed and stuffed into a smoker, a young high school girl is brutally murdered, Billy Bob’s tires are slashed, and there’s only one link, but Billy Bob is still wanted by the police and in the cross-hairs of a mysterious serial killer.

Beer, BBQ, and Bi-polar beauty queens—what’s not to like? With barroom brawls, a plane crash, and a kidnapping, Billy Bob proves at times to be his own worst enemy. He must make an unlikely alliance with an old flame in the FBI and his childhood buddy in order to pull his porcine posterior from the fire.

Through my alter ego, Billy Bob Billy, I have been involved in competition BBQ for more than a quarter century including winning two World Championships as a member of the Holy Smokers Too competition BBQ team. I am passionate about BBQ and, according to my wife, I am a habitual embellisher who is now seeking treatment as a writer of fiction.

MEMPHIS BAR-B-KREWE is a thriller that will appeal to adult mystery readers and the millions of competitive BBQ’ers around the world.

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